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Common Hair Extension Mistakes

Make sure that your investment in hair extensions pays off by avoiding common hair extension mistakes. They'll look better and last longer if you heed this advice.

Hair Extension Mistake #1 – Choosing the wrong type of hair extension. Too many people don't take the time to learn about their hair extension options. Some buy the first hair extensions they find and are disappointed because the texture is wrong, the color doesn't quite match, or they fall out prematurely. To avoid this mistake, consult with a professional stylist that specializes in hair extensions.

Hair Extension Mistake #2 – Expecting miracles. While hair extensions can quickly add length, you can't expect to go from a pixie cut to waist-length hair. In general, hair extensions can double the length of your existing hair effectively. In addition, your natural hair needs to be at least two inches in length. 

Hair Extension Mistake #3 – Brushing wet hair. Even if you don't have hair extensions, you should avoid this damaging ritual. Brushing wet hair stretches it, causing it to weaken or break. It's even worse when you have hair extensions. It can damage the bonds, causing the extensions to fall out.

Hair Extension Mistake #4 – Dyeing hair and hair extensions. While human hair extensions can be dyed, most come pre-colored from the manufacturer. Your natural hair and your hair extensions may absorb the color differently, resulting in obvious color differences. Have your hairstylist help you select the proper shade and avoid this common mistake.

Hair Extension Mistake #5 – Applying direct heat to the bonds. Whether you use a curling iron, flat iron, or hair dryer, direct heat on the bonds can weaken them.

Hair Extension Mistake #6 – Removing hair extensions incorrectly. Hair extensions are installed using a variety of techniques. Depending on how they are installed will determine how they are removed. Your hairstylist can remove them for you or provide you with instructions, and possibly a removal product, for removing your extensions.

If you live in or near Waikiki, hair extensions mistakes can be avoided. Contact us today to learn more.