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What to Expect with Hair Extensions

Waikiki men and women alike have enjoyed the benefits of wearing hair extensions. In fact, they're one of the fastest ways to change your look. Rather than waiting months....

Best Events for Hair Extensions

Jennifer has helped many Waikiki women look their best with hair extensions for a variety of formal and informal events. From brides and performers to public speakers..

Common Hair Extension Mistakes

Make sure that your investment in hair extensions pays off by avoiding common hair extension mistakes. They'll look better and last longer if you heed this advice....
Hair Extensions Care

Your Waikiki hair extensions can look amazing for months on end, if you care for them properly. After having your extensions put in, your stylist will give you some ...

Waikiki Hair Extensions Add Volume, Length, and a Splash of Fun!

Since their introduction, hair extensions have become increasingly popular with celebrities and regular people alike. In Waikiki, hair extensions allow men and women to quickly change their hairstyles, add length, add volume, or even add a streak of color. New products and installation techniques have evolved, making hair extensions more versatile than ever.

If you want a quick change, Waikiki hair extensions stylist Jennifer Haley can help. She offers SHE USA by SO.CAP hair extensions, professional installation services, color matching, and hair styling services on a mobile basis.

Mobile Service for Waikiki Hair Extensions

Serving all of Waikiki, hair extensions are placed in the comfort of your home. This allows you privacy and a less stressful environment. The process of applying hair extensions professionally takes time. By having the extensions placed at your home, you can enjoy a more pleasant process.

Schedule a Waikiki Hair Extensions Consultation

The process begins with a free, no obligation consultation. This is necessary to ensure that you make the best, most informed choice possible. Jennifer will explain the process, show you samples, recommend the best color and texture based on your hair, and more.

Though Jennifer specializes in serving residents in Waikiki, hair extensions can be applied in nearby communities as well as on other islands (for a small flight fee) if desired. If you're planning on having hair extensions placed before a specific event, make sure to schedule a consultation in advance so that you can be properly prepared for the process.

Schedule a free, no obligation consultation and find out if hair extensions make sense for your current hair condition and ultimate hairstyle goals. We are committed to helping you transition from one style to the next seamlessly. It all begins with quality products, expert color matching, and expert styling. Contact us today for a consultation in Waikiki. Hair extensions are better than ever, and just a few clicks away.