Waikiki Hair Extensions - Glossary

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Hair Extension Glossary

Bonded Hair Extensions – Bonded hair extensions are attached (or bonded) to the hair using a keratin polymer that fused or melted for a long-lasting bond.

Cold Fusion – Cold fusion is a bonding technique that does not use heat. Instead, it uses ultrasound to fuse hair extensions to your hair.

Color Ring – With dozens of hair colors, it's difficult to know which color hair extension is a good match. A color ring overcomes this problem. Color rings are large rings containing hair samples in all of the available colors.

Layer – To achieve a natural look, reduce weight, and add movement, hairstylists apply hair extensions in layers.

Lowlights – You've heard of highlights, right? Lowlights are their opposite; they add darker shades to the hair.

Remy (or Remi) hair – Commonly used in hair extensions, human Remy hair features intact cuticles that run in the same direction to prevent matting, tangles, and damage.

Shedding – Did you know that humans shed? Roughly 100 hairs are shed from your head each day. When you have hair extensions, some shedding can occur due to broken or weak bonds. While natural hair shedding is normal, hair extension shedding is not.

Skin or "tape" weft – Skin and tape wefts are a type of hair extension that use a skin-like or tape material to apply the hair extensions to the scalp.

Strand – With hair extensions, a "strand" is typically a bundle containing about 50 individual hair strands.

Texture – Hair comes in many different textures including coarse, medium, fine, curly, straight, or wavy.

Virgin Hair – Many hair extensions come pre-colored, straightened, or curled. Virgin hair extensions are not chemically processed in any way. This hair is in its natural state.

Weaving – A hair extension application technique that involves sewing or weaving the extensions into the hairline.

Weft – A wide swatch of hair extensions that are stitched onto a base which is then attached to the head.