Waikiki Hair Extensions -FAQs

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Where can I purchase SHE by SO.CAP hair extensions in Waikiki?
From us! Only a certified SO.CAP professional can sell and install SHE by SO.CAP hair extensions. Our training and certification ensures that your hair extensions will be properly placed in your hair using safe, gentle techniques.

How can I remove my hair extensions?
Removal depends on the installation type. Some bonded hair extensions can be removed with a solvent that dissolves the bond while others may need a special tool to unweave the weft from your hair.

How long do hair extensions last?
Hair extensions can last for anywhere between three and six months. The longer that you wear them, the more likely it will be that you'll need to have your stylist perform some minor trimming and maintenance.

How many hair extensions will I have to buy?
Your hair's current condition and the desired look play a role in the amount of extensions you will need. Thick, heavily layered hair generally requires more strands of hair extensions that thin hair styles. Similarly, straight hair usually needs more than curly hair.

Can I sleep with hair extensions in place?
If you have bonded or weaved in hair extensions, absolutely. They're a semi-permanent option that stay in place until you decide to remove them. If you have clip-in extensions, then simply unclip them at bedtime.

How much does it cost to have hair extensions professionally installed?
The cost depends on a variety of individual factors such as quantity required, type, application, and optional styling, cutting, and coloring. To get a firm estimate, contact us today for a free, no obligation Waikiki hair extensions consultation.