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Best Events for Hair Extensions

Jennifer has helped many Waikiki women look their best with hair extensions for a variety of formal and informal events. From brides and performers to public speakers, local residents want to look good for all types of occasions including:

  • Waikiki weddings – Hair is always on the minds of brides-to-be, with many lamenting the fact that their hair is too short, too thin, or simply plain and boring. From long flowing locks to pretty updos and hairpieces, hair extensions can provide the length and volume brides want. Many brides host hair extension events, a fun way to pamper the bridal party before the wedding.
  • Waikiki performances – Whether you're a performer at a popular luau, a dancer, musician, or actress preparing for a role at the local performing arts center in Waikiki, hair extensions allow for a quick transformation.
  • School dances – From the winter formal to the senior prom, teens can make a dramatic entrance with hair extensions. With a variety of options such as long hair extensions, updos, and fantasy colors and crystals, hair extensions have their appeal.
  • Professional occasions – Whether you're a newscaster, public speaker, or attorney, hair extensions can keep your hair attractive despite issues such as thinning hair or bad haircuts.


From weddings, plays, and performances to school dances, professional events, and beyond, Waikiki hair extensions are ideal for virtually any occasion. Whether you have a major milestone in your future or a minor one, you can look amazing with hair extensions. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.