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Hair Extensions Care

Your Waikiki hair extensions can look amazing for months on end, if you care for them properly. After having your extensions put in, your stylist will give you some basic training specific to your style and the installation technique.

For the most part, human hair extensions can be washed and styled as normal. However, extra care is required to avoid damaging the bonds, the hair extensions, and your natural hair. Follow these basic care guidelines:

  • Gently brush dry hair. Towel dry wet hair and gently untangle your hair with your fingers. When completely dry, you may gently brush the hair with a soft bristle brush. Be careful not to yank or tug.
  • Be careful with heat styling tools. If you must use a blow drier, use the low or cool setting. Occasional curling iron use is okay for human hair extensions, but do not apply it directly to the bonds. If you have synthetic hair extensions, heat should be avoided completely.
  • When swimming, either keep your hair out of the water (use a swimming cap) or rinse your hair thoroughly immediately after.
  • Wear a loose braid to bed. This prevents your hair from becoming a tangled, matted mess. It will also require less brushing in the morning.
  • Do not use alcohol-based hair care products.
  • Wash hair every other day.
  • Schedule regular haircuts with your stylist in Waikiki. Hair extensions can be cut as needed. This ensures that your style looks great as your hair continues to grow.
  • Have your stylist remove your hair extensions when the time comes.


Finally, use products formulated especially for hair extensions.