Waikiki Hair Extensions - What to Expect with Hair Extensions

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What to Expect with Hair Extensions

Waikiki men and women alike have enjoyed the benefits of wearing hair extensions. In fact, they're one of the fastest ways to change your look. Rather than waiting months – or years – for your hair to grow to the desired length, you could simply add color-matched extensions to your hair.

While most of us think of hair extensions as a means of adding length, you can also use hair extensions to give your hair more volume, highlights, a funky splash of color, or even add bangs. The possibilities are virtually limitless. Waikiki hair extensions are also great for hiding those awkward transitional hairstyles.

When you get hair extensions, you can expect an instant transformation. You may want to have your hair stylist trim the extensions as part of the installation for the best results. Expect your friends to be impressed. When you choose us for your mobile Waikiki hair extensions, we use a professional bonding technique to attach strands of human hair to your natural hair.

Your new hair will feel just like your old hair. However, there will be more of it. You may notice that your hair is thicker or heavier. You can wash and style your hair as you normally do, though you'll want to avoid high heat. Your stylist will provide you with care instructions and teach you how to brush your hair effectively without damaging or pulling out the extensions.

Depending on how quickly your hair grows and your hairstyle, you may need to have your hair trimmed periodically. When the time comes to remove the extensions, they are easy to remove.

Waikiki residents can quickly change their look with hair extensions. Since our service is mobile, you can have them placed in the privacy of your own home. If you're considering hair extensions, give us a call for a free consultation in Waikiki.